Holy Cow, I’m “famous”!

It feels good to know people are out there reading your thoughts. I suppose this is my claim to fame, having been quoted (or rather misquoted) in a published book,

The Transformation of American Religion: How We Actually Live Our Faith (© 2003, Alan Wolfe), by permission of Free Press, Simon & Schuster.

“Although home churching has not been widely studied by social scientists, it appears to have a strong appeal to certain kinds of religious believers for whom authenticity of experience is more important than congregational affiliation, which they are likely to dismiss as mere “churchianity.” As Roger Upton, a former Southern Baptist pastor, explains in Grace Abounding, his Web site devoted to the house-church movement, “there simply is no scriptural basis for the church meeting in a specially constructed religious building.” Institutions corrupt, Roger believes, and the church, understood bureaucratically, can corrupt absolutely.”

The only exception I take is with them labeling me a “former” pastor. At the time I was “between” ministry assignments, as the case currently. I think at the time this book was published, I was looked upon as a bit of a maverick who’d thrown off all endorsement of “traditional” church. Such was not necessarily the case. But hey, that perception got me mentioned in a book.

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