THIS is how the Church remembers 9/11?

On Saturday, September 11, Dove World Outreach Center in Gainesville, FL will be hosting “International Burn a Quaran Day“. Participants, mainly Christians, are invited to bring the Muslim holy book and burn it en masse. Already the church has garnered international attention with a Facebook Page and sparking angry protests from Muslims in Afghanistan.

Here are my humble thoughts on this whole situation:

1. The church in question, Dove World Outreach Center, is basing it’s actions on a misunderstanding of Acts 19:19 – “Also, many of those who had practiced magic brought their books together and burned them in the sight of all.” If one takes the time to look at the section of Scripture this verse is in, without pulling it out of context, one would find that these books were voluntarily burned by those who’d renounced magic and turned to Jesus.

Which leads me to another thought….

2. It seems to me that DWOC is simply doing this to provoke. There doesn’t seem to be any solid Scriptural basis for their actions. I don’t see how burning The Quaran will glorify God or extend peace and graciousness to those who are outside of Christ. When did the Church become agressive militants anyway? I believe if this church truly wanted to do something worthwhile to commemorate 9/11, and not just provoke, they could’ve held a public time of prayer and sharing on the events of 9/11 from a Biblical perspective. Oh wait, that’d be too Christlike.

3. Does anyone else find the church’s name, “Dove World Outreach Center” to be  just a tad too oxymoronic? In the Scriptures the dove was a sign of God’s peace, yet here this church is intentionally stirring up strife and anger during a particularly volatile time in our nation and around the world. As for DWOC being a world outreach, yes, the church has really reached the world, but not with the gospel of Jesus Christ, but rather, by sparking angry and hateful protests, purposely and intentionally alienating those outside of Jesus, starting a less than gracious social networking page and placing the spotlight on DWOC and not Jesus. Mission accomplished?

4. This whole situation just goes to prove that Dove World Outreach Center and it’s spokesman and pastor, Terry Jones, have been duped by the Media and Satan himself. Our Media thrives off presenting the most maniacal, lunatic opinions and actions as real news.  Terry Jones should be discerning and know that. When the Media gets wind of a supposed Bible-believing church that twists Scripture to justify it’s unChristlike behavior, alienate non-Christians and play off the emotions surrounding a national tragedy and cause an international scene in the process, they’re all over it.

The Media is presenting Mr. Jones and Dove World Outreach Center as representative of true Christianity. I’m sure the Enemy is laughing at this whole charade.

5. Aside from all the theological wrongs, I am certain this fracas is NOT the best way to remember the tragic events of Sept. 11, 2001. I cannot see where there’s any peace or comfort of hope in any of this. If anything, DWOC’s actions are only adding salt to a still-bleeding wound.


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