Not the part, but the whole.

Many times we like to say that Christ Jesus is everything, but we don’t really mean it. What we really mean is we cherish some of his attributes, but rarely embrace him wholly

Jesus is Life. Light. Love. Savior. Master. King. Judge. Fulfillment. Priest. Creator. Redeemer and God. 

He is All. All in all. All above all.

He is not and cannot be divided or diluted.

He is the Whole and cannot be embraced, believed, followed or served in the part.

Jesus and everything pertaining to him is all or nothing.   

The consequences of seeing Jesus as the part, and not the whole, are eternal.

I confess that even as I write this, I find I cannot fully wrap my mind around the very thing about which I write! I am confounded and astounded and humbled by the… Allness of Jesus, his wholeness.

Lord, give me faith to take, taste, feel and believe Jesus in whole and not in part, because in my sinfulness I’d divide him up, censor him and cut-and-paste a version of him to suit my desires. May it never be thus. Amen.

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