The Bullet List.

  • Prayer requested and needed: As many of you know, we are expecting! Please keep the baby, Lisa, and the rest of us in prayer if you will. Baby girl is scheduled to arrive in May! Also, as some of you may know, I started back to school. I haven’t used my mind since 2004. Please pray that I’d honor God with my education and use my time wisely. Lastly, it’s been too long since I was in “vocational” ministry. God has been showing me doors, please join us in discerning the one we should walk through. There’s nothing I want more than to be able to dedicate myself to ministering to his church! But, on the “real life” side, there’s lots of practical decisions we need to make as a family around these opportunities. As you see, LOTS going on in Uptonland lately and you strenghtening us in prayer is something we cherish.


  •    What is it with Christians throwing tracts at me (literally)? A week or so ago, I had a lady become contentious when I suggested she take back the gospel tract she’d just forced into my hand and give it to someone who did not know Jesus. It brought back memories of the time when, before I was a Christian, two hippie-ish Christians became enraged when I told them I didn’t want to know Jesus, so they pulled a “gospel drive-by” on me! As I was standing on the sidewalk, they sped up beside me in their light blue Ford Escort (with fish symbols all over it), rolled down the window, threw a handful of tracts at me, and sped off! The passenger leaned out of the window and screamed as they were burning front-wheel rubber, “You need Jesus!” Just an observation, but I don’t think Jesus intended we do our evangelism in this manner.


  • I was listening to a sermon on the radio the other night on my way home from work. I cannot remember the speaker’s name, but he claimed to be a college professor. He spent time building up to his message which was “Why I Believe the Bible.” He then spent about two minutes on each point, making a pretty good argument for things like Holy Scripture’s inspiration, transmission, reliability, etc. I wondered why he was zooming through each section so hurridly, then it became clear: his final point was why he believed the King James Version of the Bible was the only reliable Bible translation. He spent the next forty minutes arguing that the KJV is superior to all other Bible translations. Isn’t it sad when someone lets a “pet” doctrine get in the way of an otherwise God-honoring and educational conversation? This guy literally zoomed through nine important points in order to spend over half an hour railing against something that matters little in the grand scheme of things. While I certainly love the King James Version and appreciate it, it is by no means the be-all/end-all of Bible translations. I can look to myself as proof of that. I came to know Jesus through one of the worst Bible translations ever, the New Revised Standard Version!  


  • Finally, I couldn’t be more proud of my brother-in-law and sister-in-law. He’s doing something-or-other important at Yale (Above working in the cafeteria and below being the chancellor) and she is gaining quite the reputation as an author. Though we all probably differ on everything but the fact that we’re humans, I am still proud of  them and love ’em both. 


  • That wraps up this edition of The Bullet List. Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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