The future of the church is bright as long as we have Leslies.

Newsflash: A young Christian gets it! A young Christian named Leslie said it so pointedly:

“I’m not antichurch. But so much of what takes place in my parents’ church is just keeping the doors open. Pay the staff. Keep the building nice. And give 10 percent or more of the church’s income for someone else to do missions. But that’s plodding Christianity, it has no urgency about it. It’s more concerned about the people in the church than those outside the church. It breaks my heart that people are going to hell each day while so many churches have members who argue about Roberts Rules of Order or which members will serve on the personnel committee. We just don’t have time for such foolishness.”

I’m encouraged for the future of the church by what I read in Thom Rainer’s recent article at Christian Post., entitled “Millennials, Religion, and a Reason for Hope.” I know Jesus said he would build his church and not even hell could prevail against it (Matthew 16:18). Therefore, I believe that the church is in good hands as long as our Lord continues to raise up Leslies all around the world (And I have no doubt he will do just that until his return).

This young lady pays respect to the generation(s) that came before her, but she also recognizes something many in the present day church do not: it’s time to move forward. The realization is that in the next couple of decades (hopefully), Christians will no longer be concerned to no end about some of the man-made traditions we’ve grabbed hold of over the past couple of generations. Instead, they will be concentrating on things like sound doctrine and how to live it, relational missions, making disciples, and a vibrant integrated faith.

I also love that Rainer reports that though there are less Christians in the world today, the ones that are here are more passionate than ever about Jesus. That’s what we need. Christians who are passionate about Jesus, passionate to share him, and passionate to relentlessly persue him wherever he leads. Those are the important things.

Indeed I am encouraged by the Leslies of this generation. I am encouraged that they hold sacred that which matters, and jettison all the religious fluff we mistake for authentic Christianity. My prayer is that this generation is consumed by Christ and a burning passion for his glory in all things.

May they always be grilling burgers from sacred cows.

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