Strange Jesus Pictures

I admit I am no fan of artistic renderings of the King of Glory. I have my theological reasons which I believe are very valid. Often, pictures of Jesus are silly and corny. They attempt to be reverent, but end up being irreverent. Some are even veer into blasphemy. As far as it goes with me, these pics tend to inspire chuckles rather than awe. But, like a car wreck, I can’t help but slow down and marvel at some of the more bizarre depictions of Jesus. For funsies I will share from time to time some of my “favorites” right here on the blog. No offense intended.

(Most recent pics will be first)

I’d love to hear your comments. Also, I welcome your submissions.


Macho Kurt Russell Jesus.

“How you like da tat?”

Crucifix Syringe Jesus.

Junkie Jesus.

“What a rush!” 


Arm Wrestling Jesus.

“Winner gets top bunk!”


And finally, for Memorial Day…

Fancy American Flag-Robed Jesus.

“Does this make my hips look big?”



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